Amiri Baraka’s (LeRoi Jones) Dutchman (1964)


This original printing of Amiri Baraka’s (when he was still called LeRoi Jones) hit off Broadway play was another thirft store score of mine.  Dutchman is the story of a young, well dressed Black man who has an (un)fortunate encounter with a provocative and seductive young White woman. Set in a hot subway car, this racial drama speaks on the danger that lurks beneath our civilized society. Seduced intellectually and psychically, the play speaks to the dual nature that lives beneath the surface of a brother posited between two worlds. There was a revival a few years ago in the same space (The Cherry Lane Theater)  in which it premiered over 40 years ago. Somewhat heavy handed yet still powerful, Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman still titillates and challenges.


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