Ernie Barnes 1938 – 2009


Sugar Shack painting features on the sitcom "Good Times"

Sugar Shack (1971)

I’m saddened by the loss of a great artist and personal influence, Ernie Barnes, who passed away yesterday in Los Angeles. Barnes, a former pro football player who gained worldwide recognition for his Neo-Mannerist paintings of sports and everyday life, is probably best know for his work on the long running series Good Times as well as his cover art for Marvin Gaye’s I Want You. Kanye West, Bill Withers and the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Commitee are among those who commissioned work from the artist. Ernie Barnes will be sorely missed by many.


4 Responses to “Ernie Barnes 1938 – 2009”

  1. So many of the greats are passing away, definitely will be missed.

  2. Yeah, man. I was in touch with him through his assistant. Just about to do the interview. Sad.


  3. And inspired the cover of Camp Lo’s first album. That was my high school soundtrack for a few months. Barnes was s good one.

    • Loved Camp Lo, Nick. Luchini was my shit. There entire album and overall look was inspired by the 70s and Blaxploitation films. That first album was the business.


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