Blaxploitation in Japan


Found this ill book on Ebay today. It’s a Japanese  Blaxploitation poster book from 2001 called Soul of Black Movie (I love a title peppered with a hint of Nippon style broken English).  It’s a little pricey for me and I wasn’t able to pull the trigger but it is a great cover and I’d love to have it in my collection. Given the Japanese  obssesive attention to detail, it’s sure to be Blaxploitation porn!  I may even learn to read Japanese because of it. Bonzai!


7 Responses to “Blaxploitation in Japan”

  1. Yo whats up cousin! Thanks for comin thru to the Hot Peas and Butta party last week, definitely good to meet a fellow collector. We gotta build in the future and compare some notes!


    • Yeah, dude. I had no idea it was that deep until I saw the blog pic but Im sure that just scratches the surface. Must build soon!


  2. This book came out 4 or 5 years in a row with starting in (I believe) 2000?? With different covers and some different content. I have like 3 or 4 of them and havent been able to track down the others yet. And there always expense. But definitely good for research.


    • Yes. Always will be an expense. I found one for 70 bucks so I may pull the trigger on that one. Can’t have enough! You know how that obsession goes!


  3. Yo B, drop me a line at my email so I can send you my digits and we can exchange notes!


  4. Hi, I’m researching about black representation in Japan and I’m interested in this book (series?) — do you have more information about this book, like publisher, exact year of publication, and the content (commentaries by Japanese authors)? Thanks much! =)

    • Dont have any additional info, Yayoi. It just came up in a search I did on Ebay. Skeme Richards (whose comments are above) has some copies. He may be able to help.


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