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Paperback writer

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My current obsession is vintage Black themed paperbacks. I discovered 4 pristine copies of the paperback pictured above at a Bushwick, Brooklyn thrift store about a month ago.  I love the history contained within the weathered and dusty pages as well as the fine litho, etchpoint graphics and old school photographs  used to illustrate these forgotten tomes.


My Black History moment

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D.C. radio and television personality Petey Greene was a genius that had to be experienced in its full scope beyond that of the superficial yet entertaining Hollywood film, Talk To Me starring Don Cheadle. Living outside the lines but courted by Hollywood and Washington insiders alike, Petey Greene was the truth.


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February is Black History Month so what better way to jump it off then on a Blaxploitation tip. I hit up my man Mark Randolph, world renowned Blaxploitation connoisseur and writer for Wax Poetics, to pick his fave cuts from the genre. In related news, Mark and the WaxPo crew are putting in work on promoting a new Blaxploitation film called Black Dynamite comin’ to theaters this year, so be sure to peep it out! I saw a screening of that joint last year and it’s nothin’ but hot…or as Larry Mizell once told me, in a rare chance meeting with the famous jazz funk producer at a WaxPo event, “that’s too cold.” Here’s what my man Mark has to say about his top eight…
“Short Eyes / Freak, Freak, Free, Free, Free” Curtis Mayfield Short Eyes Not exactly a Blaxploitation film but it has all the elements you need: great story, unflinching realism and a killer soundtrack.
“Come On And Dream Some Paradise” New Birth Gordon’s War Great film with the even greater Paul Winfield. New Birth lays it down with some killer Blaxploitation era soul.
“T” Plays it Cool” Marvin Gaye Trouble Man Marvin Gaye’s only entry into the Blaxploitation soundtrack arena is one of the genre’s best. So Cool!
“Coffy Is The Color” Roy Ayers Coffy Any list worth its salt has got to include a track from Roy Ayers’ soundtrack for the bodacious buxom beauty Pam Grier’s Coffy. 
“Mama’s Dead” James Brown Black Caesar Deeply moving song from the Godfather of Soul fits the emotional bill perfectly. 
“Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man” Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orchestra Together Brothers  Symphonic funk from the big man. Barry White’s incredible soundtrack from an under appreciated film.
“Hap’nin’” Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Lialeh Released in 1974, this was the first Blaxploitation porno film. Purdie kills it on the drums throughout; from sexy soul to funk burners. If you have a copy, get at me! 
“Never Ending Melody” Charles Earland The Dynamite Brothers Smoking organ work from soul-jazz great Charles Earland. This track from another seldom seen film will surely get your head to noddin’! When’s the last time you heard tympani on a Blaxploitation track?


Eight tracks every week from original vinyl sources for your listening pleasure
“Props” to my man, Freddy for the hookup!



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JD’s Revenge (1976) lobby card

JD’s Revenge (1976) lobby card


Written by African American screenwriter Jaison Starkes, JD’s Revenge is a perfect example of later period Blaxploitation where style wins over substance. The two male leads, Aretha Franklin’s ex Glynn Turman and future Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr., are clearly wasted in this tired tale of the occult and reincarnation but the film still remains noteworthy. The brilliant colors, impeccable sartorial sense and clean design (the poster art is exceptional) evident in JD’s Revenge and its promotional materials are what make this film memorable in the minds of those who’ve seen it. Short on story but long on “cool”, JD’s Revenge takes its place as perhaps one of the most stylish films in the Blaxploitation canon.